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Review of the MyPillow – Should you buy?

Rest is turning into a significant issue in the Western world.  With a never ending increase in the level of anxiety, thanks to the modern world and new technologies the sleep cycle of people is suffering.  Increasingly individuals are feeling the impacts of lack of sleep.  Truth be told, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke found that very nearly 40 million individuals, in the United States alone, experience the ill effects of long term rest issues.

With such a large number of individuals experiencing rest issues, maybe we need to turn back to basics to get a better night’s sleep.  This has prompted a huge number of various solutions and methods that attempt to help individuals rest better.  The issue with these items is that most are inappropriate.  A tranquilizer may function admirably for a couple of weeks, yet as the body gets to be acclimated to it and starts to rely upon it you’ll have to up the dosage and most people don’t like to take drugs to help them sleep.

Thankfully, there is an exceptionally basic answer for individuals trying to sleep better.  Change your pillow.  The My Pillow offers the best pillow for the individuals who need to enhance their sleep.  My Pillow offers a few different levels of stuffing/firmness, there is an option to keep everybody happy.  In this link you will find one of the best.

What is the My Pillow?

It is endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation, MyPillow is a pillow that offers those attempting to improve their sleep by offering a bit of a different pillow to the standard pillows you can buy in the store. My Pillow’s extraordinary claim is that it permits people to get into their REM rest cycle quicker.  Not just that, they claim that people achieve REM rest quicker and keeps them there longer, giving people a more soothing, useful rest.  Now I’ll go further into the My Pillow review.

Sleep positions

This has been covered in depth and really well by the following sites:,,20479110,00.html

MyPillow is made utilizing patented interlocking filling.  This filling permits clients to rest in any position they need, offering the same level of backing for each position.  Also, in light of the fact that MyPillow contains a cooling element, issues like night sweats and contact rashes are not an issue.

MyPillow utilizes its licensed innovation to conform to the rest position of every one of its clients. Not at all like different pillows, that offer next to no backing and fall with time, MyPillow can change in accordance with the ebb and flow of clients bodies, offering them a careful fit that will last.  It can balance out the head and neck, additionally gives this adjustment to the shoulders, something most pillows don’t handle well at all.

Nonetheless, there are a few neurological issues that accompany absence of REM rest. While certainly being the stage in which dreams occur, it additionally underpins having a great day because without REM you won’t feel right the next day.  The individuals who don’t get the REM rest they require find that they can’t think or function well the next day. This produces outcomes in expanded levels of anxiety, as individuals start to feel that they can’t handle their every day errands.

By supporting a snappier transition into the REM phase of rest, MyPillow can bolster your brain power the next day, simply because you’ve rested better.  It’s common sense.  By getting the rest they require, when they require it, clients of the MyPillow feel invigorated and centered for the duration of the day.

Advantages of the My Pillow

  • There are a few advantages for utilizing My Pillow. The first is that it helps clients nod off quicker and gets them into the REM cycle sooner. This has been discussed above.
  • My Pillow comes in five distinctive stuffing levels.
  • The My Pillow is reasonably priced.
  • It has a guarantee so if you don’t like it you can send it back and get your money back.


  • Some find it noisy
  • Some think it’s too expensive
  • For some people, it’s just not going to work